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Coaching is a dance filled with insights that positively impact lives - both the clients and mine. I've been fortunate enough to work with amazing individuals and I thank them for their generosity in sharing their experience and feedback below.

"During my coaching journey with Woon, I found myself looking forward to every session. The reason is simple. Regardless of the challenges I was facing at each point in time, I can trust Woon to be able to break the issues down, provide alternative perspectives and pragmatic guidance in how I can work through these issues. I appreciate that Woon has provided a safe space where I can be vulnerable and feel supported. As a result, I have gained much insights about myself, my leadership style as well as multiple tools that I continue to apply in my daily life.
The most impactful piece that Woon worked with me on was to discover my Why. It brought clarity to what drives me as a person and why I do what I do, and feel how I feel. With that clarity, I feel much more grounded and confident as I continue to journey on, on my leadership journey, and as a human being."
Chong Mien Ling
Public Servant, Singapore
June 2022

"Woon has been wonderful. Truly enjoyed working with her on those sessions for the past eight months.  Her intuitive, sensitive listening skills and her keen way of engaging her audience have helped me to identify the areas that I wanted to work on. Interestingly, Woon has facilitated me to articulate a future vision for my leadership and define my priorities to achieve greater work/life integration. Thank you for this memorable experience."

Laurence Tan
Director, Office of Estates
Republic Polytechnic, Singapore
May 2022

"When I approached Woon for coaching sessions, I was not in a positive mindset in my career; I was unhappy with where I was professionally and I struggled going to work. Woon spent our sessions guiding me through reflections on what the issues were at my workplace, as well as providing strategies to problem-solve some of the issues that we identified. Woon was gentle in her guidance, but also genuine and clear in her communication.

Woon consistently followed up and checked in with whether the new strategies we agreed on were effective, was incredibly generous with her time and was always present. I felt that Woon really cared about supporting me and guiding me through the low point in my career, that I wasn't just another client that she sees, and I am in a much happier place professionally due to her coaching. Thank you, Woon!" 
Wei-Yee (Angela) Tsang
Masters of Education in Intellectual Disability/Autism and Early Childhood Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
November 2021

"If I could sum up in one sentence, Woon is the highly dynamic and effective coach you always wanted whom you wish you found sooner.

She brings to the table a multitude of skillsets, her ability to hear what is left unsaid and a way of connecting honestly with you without platitudes. I benefited from the rich insights into my management style and leadership imperatives that Woon helped me discover during the coaching journey. I also greatly appreciated the practical tips she generously offered which helped me to reach my goals in bite-sized yet steady strides. I could not have asked for a better coach to walk this journey with."     
Senior Director
The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, Singapore
November 2021 

"I am glad that I chose Woon to be my coach.

Woon's approach is authentic, personal, warm and direct. She was encouraging, affirmative yet frank and honest. I've had other coaches before, but Woon's approach fits me best, as she was able to frame the sessions well, lead me to think deeply about my style of leadership, taught me techniques of managing difficult conversations and inspire me. She was able to provide me with insights to what I was thinking or feeling even when I wasn't able to articulate with the apt words.Throughout my sessions with her, she was able to capture the essence of what I was trying to say. As such, we were able to go very deep into our coaching conversations.

Every session with Woon was impactful, and I can see for myself that I have grown from these insightful coaching conversations on leadership style and visioning for myself and for my team. Through her sessions I've grown more confident, self-assured and empowered as a leader."
Emida Natalaray
Director, School of Technology of Arts
Republic Polytechnic, Singapore
July 2021

"Coach Woon listens with empathy throughout the executive coaching sessions and serves as a sounding board by suggesting specific and realistic strategies to achieve my developmental goals. It was an opportunity for me to discuss with Coach Woon the issues that are important to me but I may not wish to discuss it with my boss. She asks useful questions that help me gain deeper insight and clarity on the issues at hand. She is very supportive and professional in the exchange of ideas, and guided me to identify my blindspots, assumptions and fears and guiding me carefully to achieve my goals step-by-step in a very practical way.

I admired Coach Woon's ability to listen to my issues and break things down simpler for me, and nudged me to build mental resiliency to achieve my goals. I am appreciative that Coach Woon also shared with me her experience/knowledge and the methodologies for better presentation, changing the way we lead and how having a growth mindset will help in my development goals."
Jack Lim
Director, ICSD
Supreme Court, Singapore
April 2021

"Woon’s extensive corporate knowledge and experience complements her coaching expertise to provide insightful advice and practical development plans to enhance your leadership skills. While our sessions focused on enhancing my communications and interpersonal skills, Woon would bring to my attention other aspects, such as corporate strategy and HR considerations to our sessions so that I could take into account opportunities for a more holistic development. Thanks Woon for these valuable advice."

Kelvin Yeo
Head, Audit Unit
The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, Singapore
October 2020

"I was fortunate to have Woon as my coach as part of my leadership programme. I truly enjoyed the coaching sessions. Woon is a highly effective coach who was able to help me achieve the following 3 outcomes, i.e. reignite my passion and drive to be a great leader, uncovered the underlying root cause related to career progression and we established a “blueprint” that provided me clarity on how to achieve personal goals. Woon’s style of coaching nudged me in many ways to think and act beyond my comfort zone and yet not be intimidated.

Through the coaching journey, I re-discovered my strength and passions, broke my self-limiting belief and paved a new chapter in both my career and personal goals. The “blueprint” that was established during the coaching session was invaluable as it now serves as the guiding principles for me to propel forward in my new appointment and personal life. Lastly, I would like to thank Woon for her commitment and professionalism in making my coaching journey with her a fruitful and meaningful one."
Lee Wee Kuang
Deputy Director, Transformation Department
National Environment Agency, Singapore
July 2020

"Over the course of six sessions, Woon and I had several frank conversations about leadership and how I was organizing my time and work in my organization. Through those frank and occasionally challenging conversations, I gained significant insights about the way I was managing my time and my team. The coaching journey materially impacted the way I interacted with my team, and seeded several changes which I believe will drive them to greater heights."

Leon Chan
Civil Servant, 
April 2020

"I found Woon's coaching style very accessible and equally professional. She created a safe space in which I could explore my fears and face opposition with gentle respect and firm resolve.

Woon gave my needs definition and this helped me communicate my expectations more effectively with the difficult personalities I was working with at the time. Every session was time well-spent. I can highly recommend her services especially during a time of transition for a team or individual..."
Laura Collura
Head of Department, Foundation Phase
Phyllis Jowell Jewish Day School, Camps Bay, Cape Town
South Africa
July 2019

Woon is an experienced and highly effective coach. She is able to diagnose underlying issues and challenges with precision, and customize approach according to the individual, thereby creating an impactful connection. I’m grateful for our enlightening conversations!”

Chong Lin
March 2019

“I have thoroughly enjoyed having Woon as my coach. Woon is incisive, nudging me to look beyond the superficial and understand myself at a deeper level. Each session is comfortably uncomfortable, and it has been a journey of self-discovery and growth in a safe space. I also like it that Woon gives me tips on practical things that I can do and steps that I can take, to improve myself in small yet concrete ways. Thank you Woon!”
Phua Hong Kiat
Head, indirect, Personal and Asset Taxes
Ministry of Finance, Singapore
July 2018

"Woon is a Great coach… of the Best!!
In a very simple yet powerful way she connects and leads one on a path of self-discovery, self-awareness and self-initiatives.
She helped me pause, reflect and focus on things which matter, always communicating in a manner I could relate to … 
I would highly recommend Woon to anyone who is looking to further tap into their potential and become a more effective & well-rounded leader…"
Amit Jina
Managing Director, Resources
April 2018

"I am very fortunate that I was able to work with Woon when I was at my career crossroad more than a year ago. Not only has she helped me to navigate through my career decision-making process, she has also made me realized other priorities which are inter-connected with my career goals. She also provided me a voice without any political spin, and a wall for me to bounce off ideas with complete openness.
All in all – Woon is one AMAZING coach!"
Head, SPRING Singapore
April 2017

"I had a really good experience with Woon as my executive coach for a year! I feel comfortable sharing my opinions with her openly and am glad to have her as my sounding board. She has been supportive by showing me encouragement when I make progress towards my goals, and reminding me to celebrate successes.
Woon is very sharp and always able to draw insights to provide me with great advice. I enjoy the process of her asking questions, pushing for alternative solutions to problems and spurring me on to take reasonable risks.
She has definitely helped to “unlock” me and allowed me to learn more about myself. I highly recommend Woon as a coach to those who are keen to learn and grow!"

Cheah Li Ping
Manager, Organisational Development

Cordlife Group Limited
May 2016

"I first met Woon during a training course conducted by a consultancy firm engaged by my organization and she was one of the coaches involved in this project. As part of my organization's support in our leadership journey, we had the opportunity to work with a coach of our choice. I was impressed by Woon at that time, not because of her background and credentials but because of her ability to connect with people at a deeper level.

From the very first session, Woon had touched my heart and made me realize that I needed to take care of myself first before I could take care of others. Since then, I began the self discovery journey with Woon as my trusted coach. We had gone through 12 sessions together in the past one year. The journey was not easy for me at times but Woon had been both gentle and firm with me. I liked that her approach was flexible and tailored to individuals. Her sessions were usually fluid yet still able to focus on my objective. Her keen observation had given me valuable feedback.

Without Woon's commitment and strong support, I would not have arrived at today, where I now learned to take care of myself and took the courage to make a big change. I am very glad to have met Woon and thankful for her support for the past one year."

Wong Mei Yuan
December 2015

"It had been a truly fulfilling one year journey with Woon, she was an extremely effective coach for me.

Through her, I learnt that knowing my strengths was not enough – she taught me ways to appreciate and build upon what I was good at, and even helped me to understand myself better. In our process of sparing during coaching sessions, she helped me sharpen my thinking and verbal skills, and taught me to focus on my goals. She is an all rounded coach, often dishing out life skills and tips to help me with my personal issues as well!

Our sessions are often intense, yet peppered with light-hearted moments, to make me learn in ways I’ll always remember – the anecdotal examples to remind me of what didn’t go well and what did. I feel happier after one year of coaching. A highly-recommended coach for one who’s investing in self-development!"

Lim Seow Hui
Head, Planning Division

SPRING Singapore
July 2015

"Being questioned by Woon during the coaching sessions was intense. She challenged me to look beyond just giving superficial answers and to look more deeply into who I was and what made me tick, both in work and in life. Through the sessions, I developed greater confidence in myself as she helped me recognise what my strengths were, and what I should do to develop and use them.

Woon’s ability to ask the right questions and be incisive (without being hurtful!) was what made the sessions with her so useful. This must have come from many years of experience with working closely with people, and from a deep empathy for other human beings. I learned a lot about myself, but I also learned a lot from her. Thank you!"

Assistant Director, Singapore
Singapore Ministry of Health
February 2015

“Woon listens empathetically and was able to establish a disciplined understanding with me to dissect and address my challenges. She brings to the coaching session her wealth of experience from the corporate world and offers useful suggestions for me to formulate my own regime, yet not imposing her thoughts on me. With her help, I have gained greater mindfulness over my work and personal life.”
Tan Tian Yeow
Civil Servant
September 2014

"I am grateful for the opportunity to be coached by Woon in the past few months.  She has the ability to put me at ease to share many of my past which I normally would not have shared.  She was able to draw insights from such sharing and made me realize where I should focus on and improve.  She was gently insistent and really challenged me to take a good look at where I was and how I should move forward. Her action tips were simple and easy to carry out yet very useful.  I liked the way she encouraged me through her feedback.

Her sessions were always insightful and thought provoking.  I will remember such sessions for a long time to come."

HR Director, Singapore
Singapore Public Hospital
April 2014

"Woon was fantastic at helping me unpack some of the issues and decisions I had to make and deal with in my life and career. She had an amazing ability to identify and weed out the noise and peripherals, and really focus on the heart of the issue.  She was also able to ask the right questions to help me reflect deeper on the options available to me. Woon’s optimism and great heart for people really shone through during our sessions.  I left each session refreshed, challenged, and with that little bit more courage to take on the world.  Thank you Woon!"      

Deputy Director, Singapore
Singapore Government Ministry
November 2013

"I am really glad that I have made the right choice in attending Chai Coaching. During the coaching sessions, Woon patiently guided me in achieving my goals. Her attentiveness, professionalism and patience brought me a new, fresh perspective of life. If not for Woon, I would not have known I was able to reach my goals so quickly.

I feel I have been transformed into a happy and confident person. Thanks to Chai Coaching for the awesome gift in this "NEW" YEAR 2013!"

Wynn Liu, Singapore
Visual Consultant and Owner of Linkng Gaps
January 2013

"It was an absolute gift to be coached by Woon.  Her insightful and incisive questioning helped me to get straight to the core of the issue at hand. Her tough but supportive manner ensured that I felt safe to explore my thoughts and ideas but also assisted me to get clear where I needed clarity.  Woon provided support that extended beyond our sessions by sending me material to think about between sessions. The entire series was conducted over Skype which ensured that our sessions were extremely focussed as all external distraction was kept to a minimum. The four sessions I spent with Woon were instrumental in creating a workable plan to get my business off the ground and putting it into action.  Thank you Woon."

Megan Galloway, South Africa
Owner of Thoughtsmiths
May 2012

"I have truly been blessed to work with Woon as my life coach over the last three and a half months. She has a light, gentle, caring approach and I have found her 100 per cent professional and highly experienced. She has really challenged me and allowed me to take a good look at what I want and how I will achieve it. I loved the way she supported and encouraged me through her highly accurate listening and feedback skills. I found the sessions exciting, fun and highly thought-provoking.

After just a few weeks of coaching, I felt like I've got to know myself a lot better. I found coaching with Woon to take my personal struggles out of my personal relationships and that’s really liberating. My career and personal life is moving to the next level. My advice to anyone who is thinking about having life coaching is to pick up the phone and call Woon now - you have so much to gain."

Hannes Joubert, South Africa
January 2012

"I strongly believe that Woon has a perfect versatility to actively set career in mentoring or coaching establishment. Personally I have enjoyed the experience as a mentee under her guidance. She is high performer and achiever who can always steer the show with diligence and best acumen. Her working style is an absolute fit to comfort the other individual and her skill at converting thoughts into real meaning is a win for all."

Arif Shafique, Pakistan
Nokia Head Of Sales (Pakistan & Afghanistan)
December 2011

"I have had the unique opportunity of Woon being my executive coach within Nokia. I have achieved much successes resulting from my coaching program. Woon provided insight, experience, used her incredible listening skills to guide me on the achievement of my goals, build my confidence and chart my growth. It has been a great experience for me to have worked with her. With Woon as your Executive Coach, it would change the way you think forever with definitive positive results."

Sagren Pather, South Africa
Nokia Digital Marketing Manager (Middle East and Africa)
October 2011