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Higher accomplishments

Day of Twos

Waking up and checking WhatsApp, multiple messages about the synchronicity about today –

Living a Rich Life

What comes to mind when you hear of someone living a rich life?

a)     He is wealthy and has abundant assets
b)     He can afford to do what he enjoys
c)     His life is filled with amazing and interesting experiences
d)     He makes a positive difference and is an inspiration to others
e)     He is contented and free, beyond happy
f)      All of the above

How about All of the above and minus (a)? Is it possible to progress along (b), (c), (d), (e) if we don’t have a minimum requirement of wealth?

Mastering “Pine Apple Rag”

This post pays tribute to my client who believed in himself and took up the challenge to master “Pine Apple Rag” on the piano before this Chinese New Year (31 Jan 2014). He made it, sent me this video recording and allowed me to share. 
Here’s a toast:

Save a Tree for Tomorrow

I have a t-shirt that says “Save a Tree for Tomorrow” and I wear it proudly because we did exactly that. It’s a tree (I call it “Big Tree”) right in front of our apartment, greeting us as we awake and shielding us while we sleep.

This is the story of Big Tree the past 500 days:

Madiba at 95

An inspiration that continuously brightens a nation and more...

Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory        

Nelson Mandela on Wikipedia

Nelson Mandela International Day

The Opportunities Within

There are many ways people view transitions and here's sharing the common reactions I've noticed -
Denial mode - "Nothing has changed, I'm not impacted."
Panic mode - "We're doomed, I need to fight for survival."
Reaction mode - "I better act now, time is of the essence."
Planning mode - "What can I get out of this situation?"
Introspective mode - "How can I maximize my potential and growth through this experience?"

From Barrett to Dilbert

Today I took the Cultural Transformation Tools training with Barrett Values Centre and imagine my surprise to see the 7 levels of human consciousness mapped into corporate speak. Have to admire Richard Barrett for integrating core human values towards a team environment and corporate leadership model. Most of all, that he and his team made is consistent and measureable with survey instruments like the Seven Levels of Consciousness Model (aka the Barrett Model) and the Business Needs Scorecard.

Yama - Patanjali’s First Limb of Yoga

During this yoga teacher training course, we were introduced to Patañjali, who is the compiler of the Yoga Sūtras. The first of the eight limbs of yoga is called Yama which are universal disciplines and ethics.

Below are my own reflections on the 5 yamas, hope it sheds some understanding that yoga isn’t just about the physical practice of asanas but more so a way of living consciously and flourishing.

Martin Seligman promises his book will help me flourish

Martin Seligman’s new book “Flourish” has a sub-heading which says “A New Understanding of HAPPINESS and WELL-BEING – and How to Achieve Them”. As the father of Positive Psychology, he and his team have my respect and I would buy anything he published (even this book with the unattractive cover and hard to remember sub-heading).

I’d like to think I started flourishing on the 13th of June in Singapore Changi Airport where I bought the book just before heading off to Dubai. It was a 6.5 hour long Singapore Airlines flight and I started reading on the flight all the way till the meal and white wine arrived.

Look straight ahead, enjoy the view, just jump!

“Look straight ahead, enjoy the view, just jump!” weren’t the exact words I was told, but, a spilt second translation of “Don’t look down, just jump!”. Thankful I could make the positive switch and not end up misunderstanding* due to fear and looking down.

Location: Orlando Towers, Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa
Exact location: middle of suspension bridge between two power station towers, 100m from the ground
Time stamp: sometime between sunset and dinner