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Tiredness seems to be everywhere… in the facades of shops, in the shortness of tones of messages, in the eyes of adults waiting for their children at the school gate, in the walk of our young as they leave school, in the gait of dogs on leashes.


Note: Today is Monday 27 December 2021 as I came to write a reflection for the end of 2021. Realized the above was started 9 months ago on 15 March... clearly was I was too tired to finish then.


Referring to the wise words of  David Viscott -

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

For my daughters (and yours)

Colbie Caillat says the word “Try” 55 times in the song, that’s a lots of trying. Makes me tired just thinking of saying “try” 55 times, though the repetition does deem this an easy song to memorize. Applauding the simplicity of the message –

Like yourself. And you don’t have to try so hard for others to like you.

Coupled with a dynamically understated video featuring strong women taking off (their make-up), I had to let my daughters watch it over and over again.

3 Ways To Bravely Be Heard In Meetings

The word “meetings” cast fear in the hearts of many but let’s face it, the workplace is filled with meetings and those by a different name – conference, townhall, powwow, get-together, panel, round-table, summit, workshop, session, gathering, huddle (gasp!)… and more.

If you’re thinking of switching careers…

If you’re thinking of switching careers, here are some key factors to consider.

My PLAY Journey

18 months
4 beings
1 big move
multiple changes, challenges and adaptations later…

just PLAY (purpose, learn, appreciate and yearn)

learning from

I see more as an innovator and disruptor beyond the music performer he is most known as. William Adams (born March 15, 1975), known by his stage name (pronounced Will I Am) is the founding member of the hip-hop/pop band The Black Eyed Peas, famous for songs like “Where is the Love?”, “Let’s Get it Started”, “I Gotta Feeling” and more. He’s also released four solo albums and produced with an A-list of music artists.

show me how BIG your brave is

“Brave” isn’t a word often associated with the workplace unless you do death-defying acts as part of your job (think Cirque du Soleil). My opinion is that being bold and determined are great sides of bravery and we mustn’t misunderstand that when someone says “take courage to speak up” it points to hastiness, risk and disastrous outcomes. I’ve had the privilege to discover with many clients that they err on the side of caution by only speaking when they are confident about the accuracy of what they are saying or when they absolutely have to.

An App for Chai Coaching

Many want to write a bestseller, I just want to have an app to call my own. It happened this very day with "xpressFIVE Chai Coaching edition" (intro video below).

4 generations, 1 lifetime - a poem

It is Summer 1946 as the memories of war slowly fade along with the horrors
Ambitious, loyal and hopeful are the children we proudly name the Baby Boomers

Change arrives with Autumn 1965 as our Generation X face absent working parents
Well-educated and individualistic, they value relationships and build self reliance 

Winter 1980 ushers in the Millennials also known as Generation Y
Confident and optimistic, they embrace change with their eyes to the sky