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What's in an identity?

I've been fortunate to have been asking myself this question over the last 3 months.

If my identity is my distinguishing character or personality, then let me not be:

  • Woon who works for ____ company
  • Bank account holder ___-___-___
  • Gold card frequent flyer holder of multiple airlines ________
  • Wife of ____ who live in Bryanston, South Africa
  • Graduate of _____ Ivy League university in the USA
  • Owner of vehicle number WZS 880 GP, model _____

Tapping into confidence and creativity as I present myself differently in every new encounter. Learning in the process and realizing that life is truly a work in progress, never stop being confident, creative and if needed, appearing a little crazy.

It is not a shame to fall but to remain fallen.

- Tamil Proverb