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Mother's Day 2013

A year in pictures (thanks to Daddy), made more meaningful by the memories, emotions and words that follow. Kira, thanks for being so knowingly patient with mama and daddy... from you, I learned the following and more. 

May : to love wholeheartedly but without attachment
June : Kira senses and understands, listens before speaking.. more for mama to learn
July : physical strength follows emotional resilience
August : thinking and believing in colour even before seeing
September : baby sign language is for teaching parents
October : love your mother the way you want to be loved
November : smiling and mirroring, you first!
December : turning, crawling, falling, trusting without fear

January : object permanence - I feel you even if you're out of sight
February : festive seasons (like CNY) have more meaning when we have children
March : unconditional support is letting me feed myself and not worrying about cleaning up later
April : i've got your back!
May : Mama "I try to live mindfully in the present moment…"
           Kira "I am the moment."




One's destination is never a place
but rather a new way of looking at things.

- Henry Miller