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Headline Your Message with a Strong and Unique Title

This advice is for anyone who writes. Yes, you who’s busy writing that presentation, your blog, the article, this life’s dissertation, an email response, a song, those facebook updates and photo album title…

In this case of Adele’s “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”, the title is one with sarcasm that leaves us wanting to know more. That’s what a strong title does – it makes you bother to do the required, may it be to read, to listen, to watch, to ponder. A strong title also makes a statement about the attitude of what’s to come and creates expectations, so do make sure you deliver (no pressure!).

But seriously, having a unique song title (or any title for that matter) in today’s world is pretty difficult. Want to come up tops in Google Search? Have a unique title. Compare this with her first hit from album 25 “Hello” – just try searching that and you may still get Adele’s track because she and that song is so popular; but you’ll also get links to “Caller ID Blocking Apps”, “Latest Mobile Phone News”, “Operator Updates” and just about the start of most conversations.

Want your message to be remembered and/or attended to? Have a strong and unique title. Repeat the title as part of the message as relevant. That helps.

Especially if you’re not Adele and don’t yet have a hit song but have a message to share, still have a strong and unique title. Actually, don’t take it from me, listen to Adele here and remember what I said about having a strong and unique title, before you get dizzy.


I am the only person in the world
I should like to know thoroughly.

- Oscar Wilde