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by woon on 22 February, 2022 - 13:07

Waking up and checking WhatsApp, multiple messages about the synchronicity about today –

by woon on 13 January, 2022 - 13:13

When two rays intersect at a common endpoint, they form an angle. In a right angle, the two arms are perpendicular to each other. When the right angle is divided into two equal parts each angle measures 45°.

So here are my thoughts at 45°:
Ray 1 – My environment, surroundings, community and life that I come in touch with.

Ray 2 – My inner self, the pulsing, feeling, thinking that I’m learning to be in touch with.

by woon on 27 December, 2021 - 11:41

2021 has been the year that I’ve been intentionally conscious of my days and experiences. The year started with an elation that as a family, we not only survived but thrived despite the pandemic. It was, however, hard to see the varying levels of social and economic degradation evident in different communities - serves as a wake-up call and it is like Groundhog Day for many.  Despite all that awareness of time, the days flew by and we’re now at the tail end of 2021.

by woon on 27 December, 2021 - 10:53

Tiredness seems to be everywhere… in the facades of shops, in the shortness of tones of messages, in the eyes of adults waiting for their children at the school gate, in the walk of our young as they leave school, in the gait of dogs on leashes.


Note: Today is Monday 27 December 2021 as I came to write a reflection for the end of 2021. Realized the above was started 9 months ago on 15 March... clearly was I was too tired to finish then.

by woon on 11 January, 2021 - 10:03

Referring to the wise words of  David Viscott -

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

by woon on 26 March, 2020 - 18:13


At the center of your being you have the answer, 
you know who you are and you know what you want.

- Lao Tzu