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PLAY it forward

P – Purpose
L – Learn
A – Appreciate
Y – Yearn

PLAY is about setting your purpose, using what you’ve learned, truly appreciating your life and consciously yearning are traits that make up a fulfilling life.

Growing up comes with lots of responsibilities and expectations; but let’s not forget the opportunities and freedom that also comes with adulthood. Following this simple mnemonic acronym PLAY, live a meaningful life and don’t let the huge to-do lists drag you down. PLAY is equally relevant to young children, in fact, they do it best!

Get to know this powerful framework to fully engage and enjoy each day with body-mind-heart integration.

PLAY-fully Yours,




Creative Commons Licence
PLAY Framework by Woon Peng Ziady is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.