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Mastering “Pine Apple Rag”

This post pays tribute to my client who believed in himself and took up the challenge to master “Pine Apple Rag” on the piano before this Chinese New Year (31 Jan 2014). He made it, sent me this video recording and allowed me to share. 
Here’s a toast:
to my client - for achieving a goal he first found so difficult not because he didn’t have the skills but because his other goals around work are weighing heavily in time and effort. It shows that when you put your heart and energy behind what you truly want, you will get it + the pride and energy that comes with attainment. A conscious pursuit of inspiring goals also means you will be in control, enjoy the journey, savour the rest stops and look forward to the destination(s).
to Scott Joplin - for inspiring him with “Pine Apple Rag”. African-American composer and pianist, Scott Joplin, dubbed "The King of Ragtime" composed this piece in the year 1908 among his accomplishment of 44 original ragtime pieces, one ragtime ballet and two operas. He was later recognised to have popularised ragtime as a mainstream music format, which later evolved into jazz and eventually big band swing. (full bio) Proof that true masterpieces speak for themselves and stand the test of time. 
To me - for having a small role to play in his success, thus a timely story to share. In my humble opinion, coaching is equal parts listen, believe, support, challenge and energise. Case in point - listening to what motivates him; believing in his wholesomeness and ability to succeed; supporting him to clarify his goals and actions; challenging him to expand his possibilities and finally, energising the experience by equal measures of reality checks, progress and celebrations. 
May you also be positively infected by the jauntiness of his performance, of a composition that was ahead of its time.

At the center of your being you have the answer, 
you know who you are and you know what you want.

- Lao Tzu