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Many want to write a bestseller, I just want to have an app to call my own. It happened this very day with "xpressFIVE Chai Coaching edition" (intro video below).

Why xpressFIVE?
xpressFIVE is a truly social app enabling users to play and interact with family and friends. It brings users back to spending quality time together, sparking creativity, competitiveness and conversations. xpressFIVE is about connecting people and is launched first on Nokia Windows Phone Store (yes, that is tribute to the Finnish company that I spent 11 years in) and on Apple iTunes App Store. It fills a gap in mobile gaming where there is currently no popular game app that facilitates engaging with friends here and now. Most games are 1) solitaire play 2) online virtual playing.

What is xpressFIVE?
It's is a fun description game played between 3 to 20 friends, anytime, anywhere. Forming 2-4 teams, players take turn being 'expressers’ (who describe the 5 words) and 'guessers' (who try to identify words before time runs up). Teams gains points with each identified word as they compete to finish first on the xpress meter. The categories (4 in free version and another 8 in full paid version) and words serve to inform, connect, inspire and entertain.

Why xpressFIVE Chai Coaching edition?
I saw the potential to use the app in coaching, team building and leadership training. The Chai Coaching edition (not available commercially) includes categories like Values, Emotions and Skills with over a thousand words to inspire clients to reflect. Reflect on how they express themselves, how they practice active listening, which words left an impression and what felt sense is created. Besides, it's a fun way to connect with one another and share some laughter. I am looking forward to using the app with clients, friends and family... just in time for Chinese New Year 2014. =)

Collaborating with George Ziady (much gratitude), this is Springfisher meets Chai Coaching.

xpressFIVE - play anywhere, with everyone.


Thinking: the talking of the soul with itself.

- Plato